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Houston floods expected to get worse

Kane Davis Cooper – It may get worse for flood ravaged Houston as water levels are expected to rise further after three days of torrential rain continues.

Tens of thousands are homeless and the oil business is effectively shut down in what is a major oil producing region for the US economy.

The effects of Hurricane Harvey are now being felt in neighbouring Louisiana which was devastated by the Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.

New Orleans is already bracing itself with Mayor Mitch Landrieu appealing to residents to “stay home” and “stay off the streets”.

In Houston, forecasts suggest that some parts of the city could see another 30cm of rain bringing the total rainfall from what is now classed as a tropical storm to around 1 metre 30 cm.

Further concerns are with dams on the outskirts of the city which are reported to be near to overflowing, in spite of attempts to decrease water levels there.

Numerous deaths have already been reported but the full scope of the devastation won’t be known until flood waters recede.

Houston did not issue an evacuation notice prior to Harvey hitting as worries prevailed that more than two million people taking flight would lead to even more deaths with the possibility of people being trapped by rising waters in their cars.

A massive shelter has been organised in Houston to house thousand that are now homeless with authorities still struggling to reach those stuck in their homes. The whole contingent of Texas’ 12,000 National Guard has been called upon to help.

The National Weather Service has pleaded with residents to stay where they are if they are in a safe location, further warning that the “catastrophic” flooding is not over.

The flooding has been made worse by emergency discharges of water from two reservoirs upstream of the city. The move seems to have been taken which has led to the sacrifice of outlying residences in order to protect central Houston from further damage.