Russia cautions over apocalyptic scenario with North Korea

KdcLtd.com – The already strained relationship between North and South Korea seem to be straining further, and a high ranking Russian official has warned that an “apocalyptic scenario” could result.

In a statement from the Deputy Foreign Minister Morgulov, he said that the situation with North Korea could no longer be ignored although ideally a non-violent solution can be achieved.

“A scenario of the apocalyptic development of the situation on the Korean Peninsula exists, and we cannot turn our blind eye to it,” Morgulov said followed by, “I hope that common sense, pragmatism and an instinct of self-preservation would prevail among our partners to exclude such a negative scenario”.

Recent developments in the protracted crisis include the escape by a North Korean soldier across the DMZ into the south, with North Koreans shooting across the border, which was recorded on video and news of which was broadcast loudly by the South Koreans, taunting the defector’s former colleagues.

Just today, Japanese forces reported radio signals consistent with preparations for a missile test coming from the DPRK.

After firing 2 or 3 missiles a month since April, recent test firings have been suspended for the last couple of months.

The statement from the Russian Minister comes in a quiet period as the wider world waits for the next move by the unpredictable rogue state.

Frequent demands for the country to give up its nuclear programme have fallen on deaf ears with observers believing a recent submarine sighting indicates that Pyongyang is developing that delivery medium for its nuclear missiles, a move which does nothing to ease the already palpable tension felt south of the border in Seoul.

In his usual blunt manner, U.S. President Trump has threatened the destruction of the North if demands to cease its nuclear proliferation are not halted. Putin has argued that a peaceful outcome can be achieved without the need for war.

Russia, unlike the United States, shares a border with the DPRK and doesn’t appreciate the prospect of American troops in such proximity.

China also has concerns that the fall of the country’s existing regime would lead to a mass refugee crisis not only in South Korea but into their homeland too. Something they want to avoid.